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I am a beautiful curvy Latin professional Mistress, who revels in pure feminine power. I have a privileged high education and I’m a dominatrix for my enjoyment as much as yours. Slaves that please me with their dedication, their devotion and their wallet, will have a special place at my feet.

It is my pleasure to bring your desires and fantasies to life, and torment you with them. I will gradually enter your mind, and you will think of me every day (and night). I will break into each one of your dreams or nightmares. You will feel the pleasure and reward of being owned by me.

I can be a (very) strict mistress, but also have a good sense of humor and by times I’m eve characterized as “almost gentle”. I like to test your borders, teasing and drag you to and through the wonderful world of my Domination, filled with pain and/or pleasure in order to expand your limits.

BDSM Sessions:
Rather than writing a bullet point list of activities, I prefer to describe what I like.
From the moment you enter, you will have a 1 meter space to get naked. You will undress, fold all your clothes and leave them near the entrance door. Then unless instructed differently you will always be on all four. You will never stand up unless I tell you to do so.

From this moment you will be in my hands. I will tease you and punish you. I will explore what you like (I will not allow you to tell me). You will be teased, punished and eventually rewarded. You will have my undivided attention, and I expect to have yours.

I will give you pain, mixed with a little bit of pleasure if you deserve it, but you will have to earn it. You might have to lick my feet clean after a day of walking. You might be so lucky to drink my nectar from a glass, if I have such need while we are together. You might be allowed to stand up for the purpose of cleaning my place while I watch you and control the quality of your work.

You will be allowed to come, but you will have to drink it to the last drop. This is the rule. You will come in a plate, or on the floor, or in a glass may be. If you are really good, I might allow you to come on my feet and lick it up. You must drink/lick it up to the last drop. I will allow you eventually to come multiple times, in different ways, but each time you will have to drink it to the last drop for my pleasure.

Things you WILL NOT DO
[ ] No intimate with Mistress Maxin
[ ] Wrestling
[ ] Mistress Maxin is NEVER naked

Financial Domination:
Let me take control of your financial life. Imagine asking for permission before you buy anything. You will work, I will control your money. You will have rewards if you are a good slave and do all the things your Mistress want you to do.

I love to create different scenarios, did you ever dream of being dominated by your wife and your mother in law together? Do you often think about this or other fantasies? then let me help you to fulfill it.

I have a curvy soft beautiful body, and beautiful feet. You will become addicted to my feet and my shoes. You will spend long hours cleaning my feet and my shoes while tied up. May be you could take me for a shopping session, so that we walk around for one or two hours. Then we could have some time for ourselves, and you could lick my feet clean after all the walking.
You will start from my shoes, and then you will lick my feet until they are perfectly clean in every point.

Telephone: +44 7491 932616

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